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70 Reasons To Eat

In response to this.

1. Bootylicious sounds so much better than skinny
2. You’ll be happy
3. You’ll be WELL NOURISHED if you eat today!
4. Normal sized is fun! You like fun!
5. You’ll look healthy
6. Guys like curves!
7. You NEED food
8. Eating is an excellent example of will power!
9. People will see your beautiful curves!
10. People will remember you as a normal person, cos that’s what you are.
11. Everyone is graceful.
12. Running is an option.
13. You’ll have both inner and outer beauty
14. People who eat are realistic.
15. Nobody can fit everywhere.
16. If you eat, you’ll look like a person who ate, or something.
17. People who eat are so normal sized that people look at them, and are like “look, a person.”
18. Bones are the structure of your body, and stuff.
19. Fat is bodily tissue, you’re supposed to have it, bro.
20. People who eat where clothes and stuff.
21. People who eat live for a while, I think.
22. Person or some other person? 
23. Person who eats, or some other person?
24. A minute on the lips, and that minute is freaking delicious.
25. People will congratulate you on things you’ve achieved. 
26. *Insert something about soap here*
27. People wont think “I like potatoes” when they see you.
28. People who eat can get jobs, just like everyone else.
29. People who eat can be in plays, just like everyone else. 
30. Eating works.
31. Food makes you nourished.  
32. People who eat can be loved, just like everyone else can.
33. People love people.
34. You’ll feel like you’ve eaten!
35. You’ll save money on things with coupons.
36. Think of food as your secret weapon against hunger.
37. When you eat, it’s like you’re completely visible, as is everyone else.
38. You’ll look like a person.
39. You’ll feel like you’ve eaten!
40. Eating is in.
41. Nothing tastes as good as a freakin’ steak.
42. You’ll be free without handcuffs.
43. Everybody else will eat too
44. Perfect meal = tasty meal
45. Have you ever seen anyone not notice a chocolate cheesecake?
46. You’ll be able to wear clothes.
47. Friends will envy your dinner
48. Do you want to be the most eatiest person in town? (of course you do!)
49. Do you want to be a well fed person?
50. You’ll fit in clothes properly sized for you!
51. Other people eat too!
52. You die after life.
53. Eating is for hungry people!
54. You’ll look really persony in pictures!
55. You deserve food!
56. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.
57. Everybody’s beautiful.
58. Calories give you energy, food has calories!
59. You’ll save time by not starving!?
60. The word FOOD will only be used in a meal way!
61. People who eat are sooo fed!
62. People who eat can have friends if they want to!
63. Food tastes like happiness
64. Food is delicious, and yummy! Every bite brings glorious flavour to your lips!
65. You’ll look like the way you look like!
66. Gravity drags you down.
67. Perfection, or happiness?
68. You can tell people not to lift you, becos that’s weird.
69. HAHAHAHA.. 69…
70. Do you want your skin to look like it’s made of a bunch of skin cells? Cos it is made of a bunch of skin cells! 

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